Family vacations can be a trip to remember for the rest of your life, and prime luxury rentals can be the way to make your vacation cherish-able. Although there may be some ups and downs during the trip, especially during the traveling to and from, the pros absolutely outweigh the cons.

What Exactly are Prime Luxury Rentals?

Prime luxury rentals are experiencing luxurious extravaganzas. It is the process of renting luxurious things such as villas, super cars, yachts, luxury boats, dinner cruises, spas and much more.

There are plenty of ways to make your next family vacation one to remember. First of all, you can rent out an entire villa and also rent a super-car to travel around. Second, you can go where ever you want by renting a private jet. In addition, one of the most thrilling prime luxury rentals is yacht charters. Private yachts can be an extremely memorable experience, especially for the entire family. Imagine sailing the ocean in a giant 80 foot yacht with your closest relatives with professional service that will make your experience that much more “prime-time!”

Chartering Boats for Vacations

The word charter has been thrown around a lot lately, and we wanted to help you understand it better. Luxury charters for beginners starts with learning all the details before you get your feet wet (no pun intended)! There are costs of a charter that can greatly demoralize you and your family’s ambitions, unless money isn’t a hurdle. For the sake of argument, we’ll say that there is a budget that you’re working with. In that case, there are some expenditures that you will want to heavily consider before going all-in like poker star Chris Moneymaker.

this is a picture of a family vacation on a boat

Here are the top expenses when chartering (in no particular order):

  • Captain and Crew
  • Broker
  • Fuel
  • Water toys
  • Time
  • Travel (airport / renting a car)
  • Destination

How Do I Plan a Luxury Rental?

There are plenty of companies out there that offer this service. Most owners of luxury items / real estate hire people to rent it out for them. Those people are called brokers. Now, brokers can seem crooked, and maybe only care about taking a cut. However, there are some real professional brokers out there that are actually just looking out for you and your prime luxury rental experience. The trick is to find the right sources and the right brokers. Do some research online, read about the company’s profile or business, and find out who you are dealing with.

This leads us to our next point. If you have to call 18 different people just to rent out or charter a yacht, you are dealing with the wrong company. Believe us, the best experience you will have is when you deal with only 1 (one) person. This person, or broker, should have a great understanding of the area in which you are traveling to. This helps plan your vacation and he/she can help with giving sound advice moving forward.

I Want to Experience Luxury, Where do I start?

For starters, you need to know where you are going, or where you will be traveling to. In the traveling world, we call that destination travels. Once you know exactly where you’re going, you can then reach out to brokers around that area to help you plan your trip. Let them know what excites you or whoever is going with you. Mention to the broker that you want to rent or charter luxury things to do. If the company is any good at what they do, they will make your life easier, not harder. Having a prime luxury rentals experience can make your next family vacation worth every penny!

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Prime Luxury Rentals and Charters

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